Useful Information

Building Sizes

Imperial sizes shown are for guidance only.  All sizes are approximate, based on external measurements.  They do not include roof overhangs etc.  Please allow for any overhangs when choosing the size of your building, bearing in mind space required for installation and maintenance.  We advise you check internal sizes if buying a building for a specific purpose.  Planning permission can be required on some buildings, depending on size and location.  Please check with your local council if unsure.


Buildings supplied factory treated are stained with a base coat of water based Albany Brown, as shown on selected buildings.  The treatment process can result in some colour variation or drying marks, this will not affect the performance of the treatment or building.  Factory treatment excludes roofs on most models.  Albany Brown treatment is available to order.


Buildings supplied un-treated, should be treated as soon as possible after delivery using a good qualitytimber preservative.  Buildings supplied with a factory base coat of treatment should be re-treated within the first six to twelve months and from then on annually.  It is advisable to fit guttering to larger buildings – if you are having a side door fitted, you will need to specify extra height if you plan to fit guttering above the door.